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Mission & Vision

Our mission to share the Good News affects all of our actions.

First, we want to exalt Jesus Christ in everything we do (1 Cor. 10:31). Second, we seek to edify the church (Col 2:6-7). Third, we endeavor to equip the Saints with tools to be successful in life and relationships (Prov. 27:17). Finally, we search for opportunities to share Christ with our community (Mark 16:15-18).

Alive in Christ

What We Believe

We believe in the great commission and are endeavoring to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with love, mercy and compassion. 
Mark 16:15-16

We believe there is only one God. He is the Creator of Heaven and earth, and all living beings. He has revealed Himself to humanity as the Father (Creator), as the Son (Savior), and as the Holy Ghost (indwelling Spirit). Deuteronomy 6:4

We believe in water baptism by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sin.  Through baptism we identify with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Romans 6:3-6; Colossians 2:11-14; Acts 2:38.  

We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial sign of speaking in other tongues. Acts 2:4; Acts 10:44-48; Acts 19:1-6

We believe in the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He ministers to His people through tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecy; words of knowledge and wisdom, discerning of spirits, faith, working of miracles, healing, helps and government. Mark 16:15-18; Acts 5:16; 2 Corinthians 12:1-11 

As Christians we are to love God and others. We should live a holy life inwardly and outwardly, and worship God joyfully. The supernatural gifts of the Spirit, including healing, are for the church today. Mark 12:28-31; II Corinthians 7:1; Hebrews 12:14; I Corinthians 12:8-10

Jesus Christ is coming again to catch away His church. In the end will be the final resurrection and the final judgment. The righteous will inherit eternal life, and the unrighteous eternal death. I Thessalonians 4:16-17; Revelation 20:11-15

founded in 1974

Our History

We are thrilled that Oneness Pentecostal Tabernacle will be commemorating its 50th anniversary in December 2024. As a longstanding pillar of the St. Albans and surrounding communities, we have been honored to serve and support thousands of individuals over the past fifty years.

Throughout our journey, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to the growth and prosperity of our community, as well as the spiritual enrichment of every individual who walk through our doors. It is with immense gratitude that we extend our heartfelt thanks to those who have played a role in our vision and mission to reach the lost.

As our story is still being written, below is a look at our beginnings…

In December 1974, Bishop Lincoln Graham, Sr. and Lady Marjorie Graham, with the help of friends, converted the record store at 221-01 Linden Blvd. into a temporary meeting place. They named the church Oneness Pentecostal Tabernacle. The first service was attended only by the Graham family which included our current senior pastor, then seven-year-old Lincoln, Jr., and his two-year-old sister Susan.

The opening service was held on December 1, 1974, and Pastor E. Gallimore of Springfield, MA, who also lent the chairs on which the people sat, preached the sermon. The service was well attended but the Sunday morning found them alone again, except for five visitors from Florida. Bishop and Lady Marjorie Graham had been praying about this move for a long time and so they felt confident that God would provide.

This confidence spilt over into the opening remarks given by Bishop Graham in which he expressed confidence that God wanted to do a great work in the City of New York. He stated that he saw no reason why there should not be many congregations, each numbering more than two thousand souls in this vast city of millions. At the time, it looked like an impossible dream, but today there is no doubt of this possibility.

Approximately one year later, the congregation purchased a property at 221-01 Linden Blvd in Cambria Heights, New York. As the congregation began to grow, Bishop Graham proceeded to look around for a larger building. After placing a deposit on an old supermarket in the area, Bishop Graham then saw the present property for sale. This was the answer to years of persistent faith-talk. God then worked a miracle to make the purchase possible and it was a vision come to pass.

The present building was started in August 1988 and completed in 1990. It became a test of faith and fortitude but again God worked miracles to bring it to pass. The few faithful people became God’s channel of blessing.

During its almost fifty years, Oneness has flourished under stable, sound apostolic leadership. We have come a long way since the first service of four. We are thankful for our Bishop Lincoln & Lady Marjorie Graham, Sr, our Senior Pastor Lincoln & Lady Marie Graham, and Pastor Alec & Lady Hazel Mitchell. We are seeing the dream and legacy live on in the youths of this great assembly who will continue to write the next chapter.


What People Say

Awesomeness experienced in God’s presence. Spiritual growth encountered when you leave that place.

Will Ciamaro

Will Ciamaro

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I just love this church. I just feel connected to this church and the pastor. I love the way he preaches. He’s amazing!!!! I’ve been to other churches, but this one is the best!!!I I love everything about it. The members of this church were so welcoming and pleasant, and so was the pastor.

You can feel the love inside there. Thank you LORD! No one is greater than you my sweet Jesus. Amen!!!

Jenny Gouldbourne

Jenny Gouldbourne

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Awesome from Praise & Worship to the preaching. The Spirit of the Lord is definitely in the building.

Jaamal Cooper

Jaamal Cooper

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